Baby Diego Cub’Zone Playpen and Activity Center Review

If you were thinking about buying the Baby Diego Cub’Zone Playpen and Activity Center, then you need to read this. I’m not sure why you want a playpen, but if I had to guess, I would say it’s because you want to give your little bundles of joy somewhere safe to play. Some parents use one or more playpens to section off parts of their home. Regardless of why you need to buy a playpen, you must pay attention to safety.

As parents, it’s hard to believe that there is such a thing as overprotective. The good thing is that you don’t need to feel like you’re being overprotective to make sure your kids play safe.

A Look at the Facts

The Baby Diego Cub’Zone Playpen and Activity Center is similar to some of the other playpens I’ve looked at. It has the same design as the Baby Kids Playpen 8, but there are some key differences.

activity center

This playpen can be used inside and outside, and since it’s portable, it’s not too hard to move outside of the home. Although it’s not particularly my style, this playpen uses the ‘panel’ design and is quite easy to assemble.

It shouldn’t take more than a warm rag to clean the plastic panels, but that’s not an excuse to let the kids dirty it up! Unlike similar playpens, the Baby Diego makes it easy to keep toys organized. For parents who can’t seem to stop buying toys for their little ones, this feature is a godsend.

This playpen is viable for children ages 6 up to 24 months. The manufacturer touts this product as “the best playpen available for baby’, and they just might be right!

You could easily use this playpen to prevent your children from wandering into the backyard or office. It’s great for homes of all sizes but particularly useful for parents with LARGE homes.

What I Like

Play Center for kidsAlthough it wouldn’t be my first choice, I like that this playpen gives the kids their own little ‘territory’, and trust me when I say there won’t be any gangs involved! Some notable features are the play telephone, ball spinners, and picture house. I think most kids will get a kick out of the play telephone. Like similar playpens, it has a swinging hinged door that uses a safety lock.

The other playpen that is similar only has six panels while this one has eight. This playpen is easy to clean, fun, and – most importantly – safe. I would never recommend a playpen that I didn’t think was safe. Although it doesn’t have many reviews, I think this playpen is easily worth the money.

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