Cosco Juvenile Funsport Play Yard, Kontiki Review

If you’ve been planning on buying the Cosco Juvenile Funsport Play Yard, Kontiki, then read what I have to say first! I’ve researched many play yards, and this one is recommended by many moms.

Once again, however, I want to stress the importance of safety. Play yards can be great for your children – when traveling or at home, but you need to make sure they’re safe. A quick glance at this product, and I can say it doesn’t really look all that safe, but I could be wrong. It has some unique features that I don’t see many other play yards having.

Dive Right in

I’m talking about the details, of course. When I researched this product, I noticed it had mesh windows, a squeeze latch, and wheels. The mesh windows are great because they ensure proper ventilation for your little one(s). You can set up this play yard in less than one minute, which I find useful.

Who wants to spend all day setting up a play yard – I know I don’t! Oh, this product has wheels, so that’s a huge bonus. If you’ve ever tried to drag a play yard across the floor, you will be thankful for the wheels.

Cosco play yard

Like many other models, this one comes with a carrying bag, so you can transport and store it quite easily. Honestly, I don’t see any defining features for this play yard.

It’s sort of your ‘generic’, run-of-the-mill playpen that isn’t really doing anything innovative. That’s not to say that I think you shouldn’t buy it, but I’m not finding anything particularly special about this one. Some people wish they would’ve spent a bit more money ($100+) on a higher-quality

To be honest, I would probably do the same. Apparently, the mat for this product is quite thin, so your little ones might have trouble getting the sleep they need while in it. When compared with many other play yards, it’s also quite small. I also don’t really like the coloring – it looks like something that would be in grandma’s house, but that’s just my opinion. This play yard has about 100 reviews, and out of those, most are 5-stars. It seems to be selling well, so I guess it serves its purpose. Would I buy it – probably not, but only because I think you can do better. For another $10-$20 you can get a play yard that is MUCH better.

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