Evenflo Portable BabySuite 300 – My Review

I hope you read this before you spend any money on the Evenflo Portable BabySuite 300. I’ve said it over and over again – I care about my child’s safety. Yes, I want my kids to have a great playpen to have fun in, but I also want to make sure they’re safe.

You’ve probably seen some of the stories on the news that involved children getting severely injured while playing in a playpen. My goal is to prevent that from happening – at all costs. I didn’t mean to scare you or make you think the Evenflo Portable BabySuite 300 is dangerous or something.

I just think, as a parent, you need to have all of the facts. When I’m looking at playpens for children, I examine them to make sure they’re safe. I don’t want kids getting hurt while they’re enjoying some fun time in their favorite playpen.

Baby play area

The Facts

The first thing I noticed about this playpen is the bright pink coloring. Although it’s certainly not for everyone, I happen to like the color. The purpose of this playpen is to give parents a place for their children to play and be cared for. Although it’s quite small when compared with many other options, this playpen is definitely cute. It has many amenities that you won’t get from other products. I honestly believe your children will be comfortable in this playpen. This playpen has a full-size bassinet and rotate-to-store changer, which is great for convenience.

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It comes with a padded floor mat that can be converted into a playtime play mat. It also has an attachable toy bar, so your child will have plenty to play with. I’m a sucker for portability, and I like that this playpen is VERY portable. All I have to do is fold it up and place it into its matching carrying bag. Evenflo, the company that makes this playpen, has been around for 90 years, and it’s a company that is trusted for baby products. I really like that this company understands that babies are precious family members.

The bassinet has a zip-in style, so it provides great convenience and comfort. This playpen even has wheels. I could go on all day about the features – but I won’t. Without sounding like an advertisement, the BabySuite 300 is available in colors pink or turquoise. I want to stress the importance of safety. I really believe this playpen is safe. Out of the many different playpen styles, the BabySuite 300 has the style that I like most.

For the price, I think this playpen is more than worth it. On various merchant websites, it has about 100 reviews, with the majority of them being 4 and 5-stars. Amazingly, this playpen only has a single 1-star review. This playpen seems to be safe and sturdy, and it definitely serves its purpose well. At the same time, it provides many amenities that most other playpens don’t offer.

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