Foundations Elite Play Yard – An Honest Review

Before you purchase the Foundations Elite Play Yard, pleased hear me out. Are you like me? If you are, then you ACTUALLY care about your child’s safety. Any respectable parent makes sure they’re always doing everything they can to keep their kids safe.

Sadly – and I see it happen A LOT – many parents just don’t do their research when buying products. Yes, I understand there are rare cases when it’s really the manufacturer’s fault, but plain and simple, a lot of parents just don’t do their research.

When I get online to purchase any product for my child, I MAKE SURE the product is safe. What a horrible feeling it would be to find out that a few minutes of research could’ve saved my child from lead poisoning. What I’m trying to say here is that safety is CRUCIAL.

As parents, we need to be especially vigilant with products like playpens and strollers. You don’t want to be the parents on the news who are dealing with the publicity of having their child accidentally hung because of a stroller malfunction.


A Look at the Foundations Elite Play Yard

If you’re here, then you’re thinking about buying this Elite Play Yard, but if you’re like me, you want to know that it’s safe. I’ll let you know that the playpens of this design are almost always safe. They’re built in a way that makes them very secure. With all of the additional padding that this playpen has, it’s much safer than some of the alternatives. It’s available in two styles – apple green or coloring that resembles a cow. Honestly, I don’t care for the ‘cow’ look.

Now, this playpen is going to cost you a bit more money than similar models because it’s made from sturdy plastic, mesh, fabric, and steel tubing. I see a lot of playpens made from plastic, and to be frank, the plastic models can be quite flimsy.

sturdy frame

Yeah, they still serve their purpose, but safety is what I’m worried about. I want my kids to have somewhere safe to play while being protected from serious injury.

About this playpen – I like that it’s easily assembled and requires no tools to put together. It comes with a carry bag and mattress – many similar playpens don’t come with a mattress.

This play yard complies with the all-important ASTM 406-10B, which is important for SAFETY. It’s also JPMA certified. Sadly, however, it’s made in China.

The Details

The manufacturer touts this play yard as ‘convenience with fashion, and to some extent, I agree with that statement. It comes with a 1-inch, ultra-thick mattress, which I believe is quite comfortable. It also has privacy flaps for when the baby feels like napping.

It has convenient storage pockets and comes with a decent warranty. This play yard is not quite as popular as some of the other options – it only has a total of two reviews.

However, both of these reviews are 5-stars, so it’s easy to see it’s a quality product. Overall, I think this is a great play yard for both boys and girls.

The quality is certainly there. The safety is certainly there. A bit more expensive than similar products – but I think it’s worth the additional money.

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