Joovy Room 2 Portable Play-Yard Review

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The Joovy Room is a play-yard that is bigger than other play-yards seen on the market. This
play-yard is so large that there is room for the infant/toddler to play and have a play gym in the
play-yard as well. It has mesh sides and a steel frame with aluminum tubing. It is a basic design,
but is stable and durable. This play-yard has a heavily padded floor, which is perfect for naptime.
The Joovy Room 2 can be easily set up or tore town, which makes it the top choice for travel.
This play-yard differs from other play-yards in its weight and colors. The Joovy Room 2 is a bit
heavier than most play-yards. It does, however, come in bright colors. It comes in four colors:
red, purple, black, and orange. Go to to learn
more about the Joovy Room 2 Portable Play Yard.


The Joovy Room 2 is made from the sturdy, luggage-grade fabric. It can be easily assembled and
is a larger play-yard than most. You can buy this product at here.
This play-yard can be used for naptime, playtime, travel, or if you just need a safe place for
infant/toddler while you cook dinner or take a shower. It offers sturdy construction and has
wheels to make it easier to move around your home. The fabric makes it easy to clean and it is
also stain resistant. The Joovy Room 2 comes with a changing table and a mp3 jack. The mp3
jack can be used for playing soothing music for your infant/toddler while they rest or play.
The Joovy Room 2 comes with a travel bag, which makes it easier to take with you when you
travel. It is stylish and will compliment any room in your home. There is also a safety belt for the
changing table and a built-in nightlight. The design of this play-yard is gender neutral; it is the
perfect choice for a baby shower gift or for expecting parents.


The reviews on the Joovy Room 2 are mostly good. Most consumers say that they love the size
and safety of the Joovy Room 2. The easy assembly and tear down of the Joovy Room 2 makes it
the most portable of play-yards. This play-yard is perfect for an infant/toddler to play in.
The downside of the Joovy Room 2 is its size. Some users have complained that due to its large
size, it is too big to fit through doorways. Due to its large size, many users also say that it takes
up a great deal of room in their homes.
The other complaint from many consumers of this product is the shape and size of the Joovy
Room 2’s mattress. The Joovy Room 2 does come with a fitted sheet for the mattress pad, but it
has to find replacement sheets for this particular mattress pad. The mattress pad is square and
also large, making it harder to find the right sheet to fit it. This can be rectified if you order from
the Joovy website.


The Joovy Room 2 is a higher priced play-yard option. It usually runs anywhere from $150 to
$200. If you do not plan on using the Joovy Room 2 a great deal, then this may not be the
investment you wish to make. Its many benefits outweigh its downfalls and this play-yard is well
worth the money spent.
1. Bigger in size, leaving more room for play or more than one infant/toddler.
2. Durable, yet sturdy design lends itself to many years of use.
3. The bright colors make it an attractive addition to any home.
4. Perfect for playtime, naptime, and travel needs.
5. Easily portable to take with you.
6. Enhances your child’s learning abilities with the sounds of music coming from the
mp3 jack.
7. Changing table included, one less thing to have to buy for your baby’s room.
8. Mattress is soft, lending itself for use as a sleeping, crawling, or walking space for

The Joovy Room 2 Portable Play Yard by and large is the perfect choice for parents looking for a
play-yard that is big enough for their little explorers and portable enough to travel. The gender
neutral design of this play-yard and its overall look make it a great accessory to any home. This
is the play-yard that most parents expect and deserve. Give your infant/toddler all the comforts
they expect in this great play-yard.