Primo Play Yard, Cabana

If you are looking for a play yard for your baby that is portable, lightweight, and you can do things that you need to do while being able to keep an eye on your child. You have found the right product. Buying this product from a renowned brand such as Delta, Dream on me, Primo or Graco means reliability and more durability. Currently, we are presenting the best brand among all its rivals, i.e. Primo play yards.

This play yard is the biggest play yard available out in the US markets right now. It is so lightweight, that it only weighs 12 lbs. However, it is able to hold the weight of two children. The restrictions that are put on the warning label that all companies must be put on the product. It is a guideline but doesn’t really need to be followed with the play yard.

Cabana, primo play yard for kids

Restrictions by Company

Now most companies put weight restrictions on most play yard products. Most products have restrictions because it keeps the children safe from harm. For example, a restriction on a play yard the weight limit on all play yards is 30lbs. The restriction is set for all play yards because almost all play yards are set on legs.

So, because all the play yard products made, have the same restriction. The Cabana Play Yard has the same restriction. But because the Cabana Play Yard does not sit on legs, and is placed on the floor/ground, it can be used for any weight.


But, at some point, you will not want to use the play yard anymore. After a while, your child will be too big for the play yard. For example, you have the Cabana play yard and your child is now the age of 4 years old, but only weighs 30 lbs.

Technically you could still use the play yard because your child is 30 lbs. But normally it would not be used for a 4-year-old because they are considered to big for the play yard. They are able to get up and run around and do all the things that a 4-year-old can do.

Things the Play Yard has that most don’t

There is a major difference between the Cabana play yard and others that how they are made. For example, most play yards are made with four sides that are mesh and a floor mat, but this applicable for the typical play yard. However, the Cabana is made much differently.

  • Has 5 side panels that are mesh, the 6th panel is fabric.
  • Has a canopy that covers the whole play yard that can be removed at any time.
  • Has a pocket on the side to put the canopy in, while it is not in use.
  • Is wider and taller than a typical play yard.
  • Has a waterproof floor mat, while typical floor mats are not waterproof.

You must be wondering how much the play yard cost. Well, depending on where you go, the play yard can cost 199.99 up to 300.00 dollars. You might be thinking that the price is way too high for a play yard. But if you try and look up other play yards and compare to the Cabana, you will see that it is worth the 199-300 that it goes for.

Now, most people advise parents not to use any play yard for more than naps and playtimes. But can you really use a play yard as a place for your baby to sleep? I think it is up to the parent. The reason that it is advised for parents not to use a play yard as a primary sleeping place for the baby is that the bar under most play yards will eventually bend and it won’t be safe for your baby anymore. According to my opinion, some wide play yard such Graco, Dream on me, and Primo offer a peaceful sleep and comfortable sitting.

Want to Know More?

So if you want to check out more information on the Play Yard, you can go to to check all the things about the Play Yard, and also see what the play yard looks like. On this website, the play yard costs 199.99.

If you want more information about the play yard to help you to make your decision about the product before you buy. You can either contact them by mail at 149 Shaw Avenue Irvington, NJ 07111 USA, or you can call them at (973) 926-5900.

If you want tips on how to pick a play yard for your baby, then you should consider this guideline here.

So after you check out the guidelines and then make the call and find out if their play yard has all the things that you are looking for.

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